This procedure serves as a way for cardiologists to alleviate or sometimes even prevent venous disease. It is a minimally invasive treatment that we perform right here at Heartwell Cardiology’s Winter Park, FL practice. Dr. Sharma has extensive training in venous intervention and many other interventional procedures. His deeply specialized knowledge affords Dr. Sharma the ability to offer patients a quicker, less traumatic recovery and outcomes that significantly enhance quality of life.

The Benefits of Venous Intervention

Venous intervention can enhance a patient’s overall quality of life or even be lifesaving in some cases. This treatment is designed to address diseased veins before any serious complications occur; this helps prevent the need for surgery. Patients also benefit from the fact that this is a procedure that is hardly invasive at all, meaning no or minimal distress or discomfort.

What is Venous Intervention?

Venous intervention is a procedure that involves placing a needle into a vein to gain access to the body’s labyrinth of blood vessels. Then some form of catheter or wire is used to access and treat the target problem areas.

Who Needs Venous Intervention?

A patient is a good candidate for venous intervention when they have any kind of condition that affects the veins. Some examples include:

  • Blockage in an artery or vein
  • Varicose veins
  • Venous insufficiency
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) – This is a blood clot in a deep vein. A deep vein is any vein that is not considered superficial.
  • Life-threatening pulmonary embolism – This is a blood clot that has migrated from the legs to the lungs. Venous intervention can be conducted as a preventative measure when a patient is determined to be at risk of a pulmonary embolism.
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What to Expect from a Venous Intervention


There will be a consultation wherein all aspects of the patient’s case and ultimate health goals are discussed. The patient will also undergo preliminary diagnostic imaging that will aid Dr. Sharma in isolating the veins that require interventional attention.


A local anesthetic or light sedation is administered to the patient. Some form of medical instrument, like a catheter or a wire, will be guided through whichever veins are presenting with issues that need correcting, and those issues will be treated and resolved. 


After venous intervention, the patient’s venous system is structurally and functionally restored and, if the patient was experiencing any symptoms pre-intervention, then the symptoms should be noticeably reduced or totally resolved post-intervention.

Venous Intervention FAQs

What is the price range for a venous intervention?

Are there any safety concerns patients should know about when considering a venous intervention? If so, how are they addressed?

What is the price range for a venous intervention?

Cost of any procedure at Heartwell Cardiology is insurance based.

Are there any safety concerns patients should know about when considering a venous intervention? If so, how are they addressed?

General procedural safety concerns are addressed by giving patients a thorough walk-through of the procedure prior to undergoing it.

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A Higher Class of Cardiovascular Care

Dr. Sharma’s expertise and extensive training in venous intervention are just two reasons why people choose Heartwell Cardiology to do this procedure. Here, we seek to build a relationship with our patients whom we care for as we would our loved ones. Between our best-in-class customer service, timely appointment scheduling, advanced diagnosis and treatment methods, and our innovative ways of helping patients thrive, there’s no disputing that ours is a practice that puts the person before the patient. Heartwell Cardiology serves the Orlando community from our location in Winter Park, FL where Dr. Sharma is actively pioneering the right ways to deliver patient care. With his wealth of experience and insight into the field of cardiology, he knows what it takes for each unique patient to achieve cardiovascular wellness. Don’t hesitate to take hold of your heart problems. Call us today or go online to schedule an appointment for your venous intervention.

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