Tailored Treatment Plans

A leading cardiologist in the Orlando area, Dr. Raghav Sharma provides comprehensive cardiac consultation services to evaluate each patient’s case and establish a tailor-made treatment plan.

Let Worry Fall by the Wayside

We understand that, thus far, your experience in pursuing cardiac care may have been fraught with misdirection, misinformation, impersonal interactions, and delays. A cardiac consultation in Orlando is a kickoff to turning the tables on all those fronts. The initial consultation with Dr. Sharma commences the building of a personal, you-centric relationship. Here, you are not just another name on a waitlist. We view timeliness as key to excellent care, so your consultation appointment time will be used to quickly determine an action plan. 

Here’s a bird’s eye view of what you can expect from the heart exam:

  • Establish a relationship and an understanding of your goals and expectations.
  • Dr. Sharma will help you understand the disease process then develop an interventional and post-interventional treatment plan.
  • We’ll educate you on lifestyle modifications to help you improve your health and quality of life post treatment.
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Dr. Sharma interviewing a patient.

Already Know What You Need?

For patients who’ve already been delivered a diagnosis and know which specific heart-related test or procedure they need to have done, there’s an excellent chance it can be conducted right here at Heartwell Cardiology’s office in Winter Park, FL. Prior to this, a cardiac consultation is still necessary. When it comes to heart-related issues and treatment of those issues, we like to ensure our patients have a transparent understanding throughout every stage of care.

Reasons to Consider a Cardiac Consultation:

  • You have an existing cardiovascular condition.
  • You are not receiving proper or satisfying cardiovascular healthcare elsewhere.
  • You are seeking a second opinion regarding a diagnosis or proposed treatment methods.
  • You have a family history of cardiovascular conditions.
  • You suspect you are having symptoms of a cardiovascular condition.
  • You recognize that the importance of heart health goes without saying. 

By looking into our practice, you are off to a good start and clearly value the importance of a heart specialist. In Heartwell Cardiology, you have found that which sets the bar. Between Dr. Sharma’s ample experience and our state-of-the-art services and procedures, patients will always find themselves in good hands. A heart exam is a great time to learn which diagnostic exams or interventional procedures are pertinent to the treatment of your condition.

Cardiac ConsultationFAQ

What heart conditions does Dr. Sharma treat?

Is a cardiac consultation at Heartwell Cardiology free or paid?

What happens after a cardiac consultation?

How do patients book a cardiac consultation at Heartwell Cardiology?

What heart conditions does Dr. Sharma treat?

Peripheral vascular disease, venous insufficiency, coronary artery disease, and heart failure. Visit our Symptoms & Conditions page to learn more about what these conditions are as well as their common causes, symptoms, and typical risk factors.

Is a cardiac consultation at Heartwell Cardiology free or paid?


What happens after a cardiac consultation?

Diagnostic testing, establish a treatment plan, then healing and improvement in quality of life.

How do patients book a cardiac consultation at Heartwell Cardiology?

Website or call in.

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Let’s Talk Shop and Show the World a Healthier You

From the moment our Orlando patients walk into our office, they know they’re in for a pleasant experience. For us, the person always comes before the patient, and we’ll settle for nothing less by offering the highest level of personalized care and customer service. No matter what kind of cardiovascular evaluation you require, Dr. Sharma stands at the ready to get down to business. If you have questions or if would like to schedule your initial cardiac screening in Orlando, simply contact us during business hours. Call us at (321) 274-8701. We look forward to serving you at our location in Winter Park, FL.

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