We perform PCIs at Advent Health Orlando location in Orlando, Florida.  Dr. Sharma has advanced training in PCI treatment methods and always firmly adheres to guideline-based parameters as part of his ongoing effort to provide gold standard care.

The Benefits of Coronary Intervention

Patients who choose Heartwell Cardiology to take care of their coronary intervention are making a choice that will help them thrive in the long term. This procedure tremendously improves cardiac symptoms like chest pain. The greatest benefit of having a PCI is that, if done at the right time, it can improve symptoms related to heart disease.

What is Coronary Intervention?

A coronary intervention is an extremely common procedure that helps in the restoration of normal blood flow and is a less invasive, less risky option in comparison to surgical options like a coronary artery bypass.  

The procedure is performed through an I.V. in the patient’s wrist. The end goal of a PCI is reduction in symptoms and improved quality of life.

Who Needs a Coronary Intervention?

Patients who suffer from conditions such as the following are often treated with a PCI:

  • Coronary artery disease
  • Chronic total occlusion
  • Acute coronary syndromes (Heart Attack)
  • Angina
  • History of heart attack

What to Expect from a Coronary Intervention


The goals during the consultation process for a coronary intervention are as follows:

  • The patient will meet with Dr. Sharma to establish overall health goals and an understanding of the disease process.
  • Dr. Sharma and the patient will work together to develop a detailed pre and post interventional plan for treating the patient’s disease.
  • There will also be a review of Dr. Sharma’s interpretation of all diagnostic studies leading up to the procedure. Ancillary studies that typically complement a coronary intervention are nuclear stress tests and echocardiograms.


  • Moderate to Light sedatives are administered intravenously to encourage relaxation.
    Dr. Sharma places a catheter.  
  • The catheter is guided through a sheath into a blood vessel and on into whichever coronary artery has become restricted or blocked.
  • Next, in what’s known as a balloon angioplasty, a small balloon is situated and inflated within the problem part of the coronary artery to reopen it.
  • Oftentimes, at this point, a stent is implanted in the reopened section of the artery. Learn more by visiting our Stent Implantation page.


After undergoing a coronary intervention at Heartwell Cardiology, patients can typically expect a brief recovery with same-day discharge and nothing but a Band-Aid on the access site. Post-procedure, our patients often report that they felt the procedure was fast and painless. Some even report that they slept through the whole thing!

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Coronary Intervention FAQs

What is the price range for a coronary intervention?

Are there any safety or cosmetic concerns patients should have when considering a coronary intervention? If so, how are they addressed?

What are some techniques that Dr. Sharma uses that make his approach to coronary intervention unique?

What is the price range for a coronary intervention?

Cost of any procedure at Heartwell Cardiology is insurance based.

Are there any safety or cosmetic concerns patients should have when considering a coronary intervention? If so, how are they addressed?

There are no real cosmetic concerns. There are always complication concerns with cardiac procedures, and these are addressed by having a thorough discussion with the patient and answering all their questions.

What are some techniques that Dr. Sharma uses that make his approach to coronary intervention unique?

First off, Dr. Sharma’s approach to coronary intervention is 95% radial artery which means it’s conducted through the right wrist, there is no lying flat for hours, no groin pain, and risk of procedural complications is greatly reduced. On top of that, his approach is 100% ultrasound guided which also reduces risk of procedural complications, allows for improved access, makes stent placement more precise, and lowers probability of stent restenosis.

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A Higher Class of Cardiovascular Care

Dr. Sharma’s expertise and extensive training in coronary intervention are just two reasons why people choose Heartwell Cardiology to do this procedure. Here, we seek to build a relationship with our patients whom we care for as we would our loved ones. Between our best-in-class customer service, timely appointment scheduling, advanced diagnosis and treatment methods, and our innovative ways of helping patients thrive, there’s no disputing that ours is a practice that puts the person before the patient. Heartwell Cardiology serves the Orlando community from our location in Winter Park, FL where Dr. Sharma is actively pioneering the right ways to deliver patient care. With his wealth of experience and insight into the field of cardiology, he knows what it takes for each unique patient to achieve cardiovascular wellness. Don’t hesitate to take hold of your heart problems. Call us today or go online to schedule an appointment for your coronary intervention.

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