Understanding Cardiac Catheterization

The end goal of this diagnostic procedure is essentially to gather valuable information about the heart’s muscles, valves, and blood vessels. In the course of conducting a cardiac catheterization in Orlando, many things can be achieved. Cardiologists can use it to do various diagnostic tests, open arteries with stents, or measure the amount of work the heart is performing. This exam is one of many sophisticated and comprehensive diagnostic methods that Heartwell Cardiology employs to help our patients achieve optimal cardiovascular health. 

What is Cardiac Catheterization? 

Cardiac catheterization is a procedure in which a catheter is navigated through a blood vessel in the arm and guided into the heart. Though this may sound more involved than the average diagnostic exam, we assure you it is a low-risk procedure and most patients who undergo it report little to absolutely no pain. Though this test is most often featured as a diagnostic tool, it can also serve as a means of treating some heart diseases.

What is Cardiac Catheterization Used to Examine?

Dr. Sharma uses cardiac catheterization when investigating for certain heart problems such as the following:

  • Blood vessel blockages
  • Structural abnormalities
  • Elevated pressures in the heart 
  • Poor ability to pump blood

Additionally, Dr. Sharma can use cardiac catheterization to diagnose and treat certain heart diseases like:

  • Coronary artery disease
  • Heart failure
  • Heart valve disease

Who Needs Cardiac Catheterization in Orlando?

Dr. Sharma will likely recommend a patient undergo cardiac catheterization if they are reporting symptoms like the following:

  • Symptoms of coronary artery disease which include chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, or history of heart attack.
  • Symptoms of heart valve disease which include heart murmur, chest pain, swelling in the abdomen, fatigue, shortness of breath, swelling in the feet or ankles, dizziness, or fainting.
  • Symptoms of microvascular heart disease which include chest pain, feeling discomfort on the left side of the body, shortness of breath, or fatigue.
  • Have an abnormal stress test
  • Have an abnormal echocardiogram
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What to Expect from Cardiac Catheterization

When you have a cardiac catheterization done at Heartwell Cardiology, you can expect an experience that feels safe, straightforward, calm, and comfortable. Here’s a glimpse at how the procedural process generally goes:

  • Dr. Sharma will place an I.V. in an artery in the wrist through which he’ll perform the procedure. He will administer a sedative to help you relax. The level of sedation needed is typically moderate.
  • Numbing solution is applied to where the I.V. needs to be inserted.
  • The catheter is inserted through a small incision and guided through a blood vessel and into the heart.
  • The next steps are totally dependent on the reason you’re having an angiogram in Orlando. So, prior to the exam, Dr. Sharma will provide you with a thorough walkthrough of what comes next at this stage.
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Cardiac Catheterization FAQs

Are patients awake during a cardiac catheterization?

How long is recovery after cardiac catheterization?

Is there risk of complications with a cardiac catheterization?

Is cardiac catheterization invasive or non-invasive?

Are there any required preparations before the procedure?

Are patients awake during a cardiac catheterization?

Yes, but moderate sedatives are given to help patients relax. On rare occasion, patients are fully sedated with anesthesia.

How long is recovery after cardiac catheterization?

Recovery time is usually quick.

Is there risk of complications with a cardiac catheterization?

Risk of complications is very low.

Is cardiac catheterization invasive or non-invasive?

A cardiac catheterization is minimally invasive.

Are there any required preparations before the procedure?

Yes, usually there are some preparations required. Dr. Sharma will discuss these with you prior to the exam.

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Get the Diagnostic Details

Visit Heartwell Cardiology to see how we’re transforming the patient experience as they undergo diagnostic testing. The last thing we want for any of our heart patients is for them to be burdened by worry. Shed the weight of worry by letting us take care of the diagnostic details. Dr. Sharma delivers thorough, compassionate care from our Orlando area location, where we conduct diagnostic examinations in-office. Our practice is an inviting environment where patients can count on getting answers to all their health questions. Call us today or go online to schedule your cardiac catheterization in Winter Park, FL.

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